About Us

The Mortgage Learning Centre is an online learning environment dedicated to providing mortgage professionals with timely, relevant, practical opportunities to expand and up-date their skills and knowledge base, in a format which addresses the needs of the adult learner.

Our courses are designed with the learner in mind. Our online format is designed to help busy adult learners take advantage of life long learning – on their schedule, at their pace, on their terms.

All our online courses have been developed in collaboration with mortgage professionals, professional associations, regulators and industry stakeholders across the country, as well as with e-learning and education specialists. Courseware found on this site adhere to our Core Educational Values, which are:

The Learning Environment

Course offerings will promote active, hands-on, practice learning environments, and will be as accessible as possible to as wide a range of learners as possible. Our approach to instructional design allows concepts and ideas to be enhanced and built upon through meaningful interactivity. We design learning objects which encourage realistic and true responses from the learner and prepare the learner for the tasks he/she would be performing in the ''real world'' by providing exposure and opportunity to practice these tasks in the safety of the learning environment.

The Adult Learner

Our courseware is designed to address the specific needs of the adult learner by focusing on the learners' personal goals, building upon previous life experiences, promoting engagement in learning, confidence and respect; while at the same time, considering the typical characteristics of the adult learner, such as considerations for motivation, need for relevance, schedules and learning styles.

We strive to provide learners with the tools, environment and knowledge to assist them in succeeding in the field of mortgage brokerage.

The Mortgage Learning Centre is an educational initiative by:

The Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA). Founded in 1975, AMBA is a non-proft trade association dedicated to highly ethical business principles and to keeping the industry at a high level of integrity and professionalistm. AMBA is the collective voice of licensed mortgage associates and brokers in Alberta and has developed a standard of excellence for its members through advocacy, education, information and networking.